Types of Treatment Plans

A small number of our orthodontic treatment plans have two phases. This is because there are some matters that are better to intercept while patients are younger and prevent them from becoming severe situations. The goal of this multi-level approach is to diminish jaw and bite problems, while clearing the way for permanent teeth to grow the way they should. It’s something that can help to avoid more serious issues when patients are older.

The first phase often begins between seven and ten-years-old. This interceptive treatment usually lasts between 6 months and a year.

The second phase is then needed later to align permanent teeth that grew in after the initial round of procedures. At this point, the patient is typically able to wear a full set of braces or aligners. As a bridge from the first phase to the second, retainers may be required and office visits are still necessary to make sure later treatments start at the best time.

As another possibility, a single stage of treatment where all teeth are corrected at once could be the way to go for your individual situation. This constitutes the vast majority of our orthodontic treatment plans.

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