Faster Tooth Movement

Propel Treatment

At Hiller Orthodontics, we have the ability to reduce your treatment time by almost half by using Propel Orthodontics technology along with traditional braces, as well as aligners. With this Propel-400x300Accelerated Orthodontics approach, Dr. Hiller uses a strong gel on your gums that numbs them. He then manually creates small dimples through the gums into the bone between the roots and the teeth. This stimulates the cellular activity and allows the bone to turn over faster; therefore making teeth move faster without compromising the quality of your treatment.

"Clinical results are based on known science and natural body chemistry.  As a current patient, I have experienced this procedure and practice what I preach!  I prefer to take the Express rather than the Local.  Same great result in half the time."  - Dr. Dennis C. Hiller

As an example of this benefit - This means you could change out Invisalign aligners every week instead of every two weeks!  Cutting treatment time in half!

There is minimal recovery time and the numbness wears off in about an hour and you can go about your day without any disruption.

Dr. Hiller can also use this treatment type to release challenging movements that take a particularly long time to correct. He is able to facilitate total correction and potentially cut out several office visits for you.

Logan-Briggs-Braces-and-Propel-Before_After_CropLogan, Traditional Braces and Propel Treatment
Treatment time with Propel: 9 months
Treatment time without Propel: 18 months

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