Mouth Guards

Play it safe with your teeth.


The National Youth Sports Foundation for Safety reports dental injuries as the most common type of orofacial injury sustained during sports participation.

For this reason, Hiller Orthodontics recommends your child wear a mouth guard for protection during athletic activities. A mouth guard that is customized and fitted by your dentist or Hiller Orthodontics is best protection. After completion of orthodontic treatment, we will be happy to make a custom mouth guard for our patients at a considerable cost savings .

Mouth guards can protect teeth and jaws, but they only provide protection when they are worn, so Dr. Hiller advises parents and coaches to remind youngsters to always use a mouth guard when participating in any activity during which the mouth could come into contact with a hard object or the pavement.

Dr. Hiller recommends Shock Doctor stock mouth guard while braces or aligners are worn.

Like all athletic equipment, a mouth guard will get worn down and become less effective over time. When this happens, it can irritate your child’s teeth and gum tissue. Because of this, we also recommend checking on the condition of your mouthguard on a regular basis and replacing it as needed.

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