What Makes A Great Smile?

Learn why a smile is more than just straight teeth.

1. IDEAL TOOTH DISPLAY An ideal smile shows more teeth without excessive gum or lips covering the majority of teeth.

2.UPRIGHT TEETH Teeth should sit perfectly upright in the mouth, not tipping inward or flaring outward.

3. BROAD SMILE WITH NO DARK TRIANGLES Full smiles show more teeth and less dark space in the corners of the mouth. This could enhance the entire face.

4. SMILE ARC When smiling, the bottom of the upper teeth should follow a curve that mirrors the curve of the lower lip.

5. FACIAL SYMMETRY Teeth should evenly fill the entire area of the smile, but not overwhelm the face.

6. PROPER BITE In a great smile, all of the teeth fit together for a perfect bite.

7. IMPROVED FACIAL AESTHETICS PROFILE At Hiller Orthodontics, Dr. Hiller takes into account not just your teeth, but your whole face. This approach may help enhance your facial aesthetics, profile and smile.

“What we love most about Hiller Orthodontics is Dr. Hiller's knowledge, experience and the beautiful results he provides!” J.C.

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